Feed Item

When viewing the profile, some people in mobile mode were not using or finding the message and conversation tabs efficiently. 

  • Messenger - a quick, direct chat with another person - private view
  • Conversation - a PM or DM, more like an on site email - private view
  • Follow - this allows you to follow their posts, pics, updates, etc
  • Add Friend - This allows you to request them to be your friend.
  • Block - This Blocks them from your viewing your profile
  • Update - this is posted to their profile for public view


  • Thanks for doing this. I wasn't sure if the conversation was public or private due to the like buttons and all that lol. Another thing to consider. I get notifications when I get friend requests and conversations, but not the Direct Messenger? I notice people are using that a little more so if we can get notifications for that, that would help too. Thanks a lot.

    • NadiaDivino Direct messenger notifications are more for someone online, a quick chat here and there. If the system sent an email every time a message was sent one way then the other all it would be doing is sending emails, and you would probably get annoyed by it.

      Conversations are the preferred method of communication.