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Indys has changed.

Some people like the new site, some people won't. One thing for certain is it will take us all time to get used to.

played a big role in the changing of the site, and we knew changes were coming earlier last year. Indys started life as a directory style site, much like Eros, and here is where we find ourselves again. When Eccie went down, and Indys went down the same day in December, a lot of people asked how do we keep in touch. This is the answer. The review system, the vouch systems, the constant drama from the forums. Each person is responsible for themselves. Follow the very simple rules, and do what is best for you. Stay in touch with friends, and out of touch with those you wish to avoid. We felt this was a better solution than just going dark, and hope you agree. 

Indys HAD to change. This wasn't a change out of will. This was a legal maneuver to maintain standing in the community. We are no longer a forum site, alert board, or review board. Think of it as a twitter that you won't be shadow banned from. A Facebook that doesn't require your real information. A social network that can grow as you grow.

Utilize the tools at your disposal, build your profile as part of your online brand, we will soon open to advertising vendors such as photographers and web designers. Open to new profile types such as Cam Girls and Dancers, as well as other types of entertainers. We all share the same core interests and welcome a place we can mingle. 

We won't ever become a large forum centric site again, while it makes sense in some ways, the connections on Indys were 11:1 of a personal nature over forum post.

The manpower it took to run the old site was extraordinary. This site promises to be more streamlined and efficient. We are always looking for ways to improve, and that won't stop just because we changed formats. Let us get through this transition together in one piece and we will be stronger in the end.

Starting March 1 we will be re-programming this site with additions we gather over the next few weeks to be mutually beneficial to everyone, and passing the legal test.

In the spirit of new beginnings, everyone is welcome here, no matter your standing on Indys. We expect everyone to behave as adults, and the rest of the community to report posts and profiles worthy of being reported. Let us all start out on the right foot.

Users now have complete control over their accounts, no more admins needed if you want to go dark, (or even delete) your information. Do this yourself. Certain levels can even change their usernames if they wish.

Instant chat or send a PM, write a single post and have it go out to multiple areas at once with the use of a few hashtags. Search for people based on the city they list in their profile, so you don't have to comb through people from another state if you are looking to make a connection right here.

For all of you that have been with us, we thank you for an incredible 15 years from the very beginnings to where ever the future takes us.



  • Mom always said "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all".

    I got nothing.

    • A suggestion to all - if we want to communicate with each other through Spaces, the fewer for topics the better. Such as the number of Pittsburgh related spaces. Visiting and following, and staying current with everyone's announcements, is easier with is there aren't so many overlapping ones. Thanks

      • When will there be a way to cross verify accounts on indys.ch like we could on indys.com?

        That was the one feature we really need that we can't get out of generic social media sites. We had 2 ways to do it on indys.com, restricted forums, and the verification badge, and we have 0 ways to it here currently.

        • Just created my new membership from the old site. Trying to learn my way around this new site. 


          • Without the old vouch, or verification system, what do the different levels on here mean, such as standard, premium, etc.?