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It appears that some people are still inadvertently turning on the Location switch while submitting a post or update. I thought that feature had been disabled but I have seen a few more lately. Tonight I saw another post from a provider that showed her exact address. I notified her by text and she thanked me and said she would delete it.

For anyone not aware, the Location switch is just above the Post button when submitting an update or posting in feeds, so it can be easily tapped by mistake.

Be safe.

  • Location is meant to be able to post a city you are in not a specific address. Do not allow the site to use your location. It can’t be accidentally bumped unless you give it express permission. ( a dialog box pops up) we will disable this feature in areas of posting and just leave it in profiles

    • Thanks for the clarification. Of course I didn't try it myself to see exactly how it worked. Just using info from people I spoke with who didn't realize they had done it.

      Thanks again!