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Is there a way to follow a but also block content from specific  members who are also using that channel?   Exactly what I’m trying to do is follow but block content from  girls who  I am not interested in for whatever reason.  I thought it one point I saw a “block user“ function somewhere on the site but I can’t find it now.  Also, is there a way to make a post  to my dashboard only visible to female members or male members?  Sorry if I am being a .  I  have been toying around with the site for a few weeks and can’t really get it to do what I want. 


Is there going to be a “guy’s room” area where guys can discuss their experiences “privately?” I see that I can make posts “public” “just me” or “friends only.” Is there a way to make posts guy’s only?  Is there a way to hand select who sees your posts? What’s the utility of “just me” anyway?  



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