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You will get a free premium account once they kick in if you do these simple steps:

  1. Upload a profile picture
  2. Upload a cover picture
  3. fill out your profile with age and location (both can be approximate) :)
  4. upload some pictures to your photo gallery

Here is how you do it... Once you get to your profile, either by clicking your icon in the top right corner and picking profile, or simply clicking on your name anywhere on the site:


This offer expires March 31, 2019

You may upgrade your membership at any point by clicking here: https://www.indys.ch/page/acl-view 

Is there a way to follow a but also block content from specific  members who are also using that channel?   Exactly what I’m trying to do is follow but block content from  girls who  I am not interested in for whatever reason.  I thought it one point I saw a “block user“ function somewhere on the site but I can’t find it now.  Also, is there a way to make a post  to my dashboard only visible to female members or male members?  Sorry if I am being a .  I  have been toying around with the site for a few weeks and can’t really get it to do what I want. 


Is there going to be a “guy’s room” area where guys can discuss their experiences “privately?” I see that I can make posts “public” “just me” or “friends only.” Is there a way to make posts guy’s only?  Is there a way to hand select who sees your posts? What’s the utility of “just me” anyway?  



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How to Navigate to Friend Requests / Friends Page

Navigating the Main Page: