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Hey gents,

I am posting to let everyone know I am moving from Greentree to Cranberry due to the desired location of the rest of my schedule.

I have one spot left for Greentree this morning, then I will be in Cranberry early this afternoon. kiss

Feel free to message me, or shoot a text if we have already went on a date. Thanks!

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Exes and Ooooooohhhhhhs,


Hey gents,

I have availability this weekend and next week in Akron, Cleveland, and surrounding areas. I can host or I can happily come to you depending on the distance.

I can accept last minute appointments if I have the availability. I also have friends that can be available to join us if you prefer more company. The more notice the better for this option.

Feel free to check out my profile page as I have my personal website, P411, and Private Delights pages listed. 

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Hey gents!!

I am available in Greentree today (Friday 2/8) and tomorrow (Saturday 2/9) until noon! I have some availability left and I will accept last minute appointments as long as the availability is still there. So be my early Valentine, bring chocolate, wine, or champagne and let's make some memories!

FYI - My girl Nikki is available to join us! We can both be in Cranberry or Greentree - so advanced notice is preferred. We will be available until tomorrow at noon. kiss

Screening is required for all new dates. View my profile to find my website, P411, and Private Delights pages. This is where you can find out all my information and details.

Message me (or text if you are a repeat date) if you want to get together.

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Hey handsomes,


I will be available this week in Pittsburgh from Thursday 2/7 to Saturday 2/9 as followed;

Cranberry: Thursday 2/7 @ noon - Friday 2/8 @ 11AM. (times vary)

Greentree: Friday 2/8 @ noon - Saturday 2/9 @ 11AM. (times vary)

I still have some availability for both areas, however the schedule is filling up due to Snapchat.

I will accept last minute appointments only if I have the availability. However, the more notice the better..

Visit my profile for my website, P411, and Private Delights page. Thanks! 

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Exes and Ooooooohhhhs,