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Got a Sweet Tooth?  I can help. 😉


I have some availability this weekend and I'll be home all next week. 


Heading out of town on 9/9. 

POSSIBLE ( ) trip in the meantime but I haven't decided just yet.  I really like being at home. :) 


See you soon and don't forget your Hard Lollipop.

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Talk soon!




Mixed ethnicity * 5'2" * 110lbs * 34b-24-34 * TINY, Tight & TONED * SWEET & SMOOTH * GORGEOUS FACE * Sensual & Sexy * DDD Free * Stunning * Mature * CONSISTENT * Professional * Experienced * Personable * Unparalleled Skills * Reputable * SOBER * Quality *MODEL MATERIAL*INTELLIGENT

*Very articulate and WELL SPOKEN*

*ALWAYS properly attired*
*Perfect Dinner, game, concert, or Event Companion(Casual or black-tie)

***Pittsburgh CONSULT GIFTS***

30min/$200 * 60min/$300 * 2 Hrs/$550


*Total Indy Newbies/w screening deposit...$400/hr*

NURU, FETISH, SUB,  & Medit TOURS...$400hr

*Outcall IS available*

3Hr Lunch or Dinner Consult $800

5Hr Evening Out...$1000

10 Hr...$2500

24 hrs...$5000


30min/$220 * 60min/$320 * 90min/$520 * 2Hrs/$620

Fetish, Sub, Mediterranean...Add $120

DUOS with Chelsea Lynn...Inquire!

3Hr SoloConsult w/ Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner...$850


Message me here or text IF you have the number and identify yourself!














I have two openings during my next visit! One on 8/29 after 1pm, and one on 9/1 before 5pm. If you're interested, get in touch at or via the booking form on my website at Screening and small deposit are required for all bookings. <3

  Cleveland Brook park snow  /71.    954 866 0724.  Rates below.   Services bio services follow


Guys other cities I coming. Long story.  Short version  sites verifying. 

 And idid think for a bit. Live here be grandma. For like month helped them. Lived with daughter etc. isnt what u think

 But did finally find a. Dr.  Allergy shot my prescritpion  got checked soo look feel much much better. 

Seee added. By time I wanted leave lietrally had not even shampoo. Conditions glide

  Yes as soon as someone drive to to best buy can get replacement cell



Ummm,m u guys.  Guys offering 20 30 and   like tried outcall today lorain county.  Gave me zero took 3 4 hr s

J did what I said would come in I'd snd set to leave.  Daughter  the  thought oh how hard few days. And then above. 

Sooo u know I care. safety health so twice sat outside  14 hrs vs. say ok anyone anything.  Also cant use her address for  food etc anything FAUSE.  I might "steal" gave then 800. I could have left she said next week. We help u.. u fix u stuff and  anything u make u saving

 She then got me took cash said get out PENNILESS

 So between  her and guys not not playing pity card,, saying it isnt what u think  I again to nice. Trusted people do ok by me at least somewhat and nope


But i got supplies dr hair cut  look feel like old me been working out every  day. and I got it now wont even feel bad leave

  But after today I have to ask I just do 

 Jippd hr for nothing it is the 2 PM. Only cause very very nice person at desk. Beleived my l8es,  paid by 4. , or else again  out of streets and and I was ahead last night  soo all had to do. 1 ok. Even qv this am but nope


Sp this is how easy it is. See no one make nothing 

 Then I post  again only wanted 430 to 530  a txted texted. Igot I have 20 30. Couldnt even say ok  let alone no  cause answering txt so  in 2 min got well gues u busy. f me. ,,  and sooo see how easy make zero .  

 I cant say this then no one asks for day s I am still stupidly trying be polite not txt u after 5 in case  U home etc


I not a b  ch  or bad at cash. It is math,  & daughter.  1 hr lunch 1 hr rush  hr. Even at 40 if I miss one hr,, guess who cant be ok next am,,,,..... but do care. so sit outside

 No allegra even for 4 wks. one place at no air. so.  So that why look /sound worse than am 

Now now I ok  but omg I want to leave 

  60. I amd or let me know if need lunch. rush hr 

Anyway. just so,e nice fin adult company all iask  u know me do right by people do good job etc etc  but this no show and 20 and f me and calling names. Just getting tough on me so,e days

So asking u. If if if u can. Any help me great. cause half of it is  also would just like some plain old  relief adult fun as muh as u. Now. Wink wink

I can't work. In those perimeters I mean was same  as Pitt  was soooo guess who getting blamed.   And making nothing to get blamed,, lol hahahahah 


 A funny wait to u hear about the list of first time this pld lady has ever seen this or that here in Cleveland  your jaw will drop amd it's funny

No worries I lay down or workout and try again I make sure   it not affect u or our time.  But had to say some thing. Hoping notkicked off for it

 Been updating blog tho also 

 So it even worse then wa sit Pitt. Yes fixed tw9iter and indys and still trying games,, it is I dont know that one I had to wrote like USA guide I I accts. post nothing Goes up.   Last 2 nights.  I wrote,  cause now they only take  u. Fixing adding acct 4 to 7 each eve to much fraud,, did I say did listcralwera prove was me., it didnt help just tonight. got,, are u real

Rates.bservives in bio 

 aghhhhh that site but at least 80. ,

& u know and 7 know I only asked for 100 stay how ,long u want 2 hrs.  Etc  just want. Know. Roof over head and a meall

 i dont mind  putting together 60   never did  just never  has anyone believe same  2 hrs of day that is it if they did finally beleive then ZERo asked. And just as bad off



If anyone nice asks. S then sure extra and if they dotn then we. We still safe healthy. But doenzt ,ran not fun

 Omg thooooo finally got batteries also 


! I've had some cancellations for my upcoming tour, and I'd love to meet some new folks!

I have availability on 8/29 and 9/1, and I'll be hosting in downtown Cleveland. I'm also available for outcall!

For more info, make sure to check out my website, linked below.

Hope to see you then!


  looking to gauge some interest for a trip to Ohio possible will only be doing one area unless enough requests for a second. Considering right now for September 4-6 Wednesday through Friday or 9/5-9/7 Thursday through Saturday.  Get in touch xo 

954 866 0724
Hi. Cleveland
In. Brookpark. Fri thru mon am,, got place for us, as requested

I did do new pics  video updated blog for u


INDYS.    Thought. to say hey Cleveland I m here. Cause an indys guy  said no gal here. He told me  asked. Me. AT 1AM    asked me if I  was up.  Saw them and.  We were both very happy  even tho was 4 a, by time said. Goodbye

100 120 140. 160. Wide variety HERE IN CKE. LIETRALLY EVERY TEN IN BETWEEN NUMBERs  here  NOT BEING EVASIVE So if can plz. come by fri sat Sunday???????? Work with u on rates. how long stay what we do,, hopefully it will be ok,,.  And so if f works. Out. Have. 3 day. Ceu & class for. FOR THE TEMPORARY PART TIME JOB. I WOULD LIKE SWITCH. ACROSS. STREET TO TAKE THAT. Class.   It just wont. Suck  to spend wk w daughter,,,,,  SO    IF U COULD. COME BY,, THAT BE GREAT. BE A HELP 5O ME APPRECAITE IT, AND ALSO WOULD LOVE THE COMPANY, FRESH BOTTLE GLIDE,,, FRESH ME,,

BELOW.  Just news.     JUST.   SKim ********if bored u. Not important. But it  informative .  Cute funny sexy mambo below new . Pics ,video on ad &blog

I had a great wk. Tho. Was mom. Cooked /cleaned. Watched movies with daughter. We helped each other get pretty. Nails skin hair,, u know I clean soft freak OH MY GOSH GOT TO SLEEP SOLID, TAKE MY ALLERGY MEDS. EAST HOME COOKED MEALS.
Btw DID DO. FEW NEW PIC, VID, FOR U ADDED. AD BLOG, BUT ALSO . Pics on blog u can see all lingerie toys m bring own sheets linen ,, so. No worries. But. I also. Show u what I bring. / do. , pics every month past 2 years. Since I,like
variety it what

*********videos are of.  What I,  u like. so. a  variety of things me. Girl guy toys water couples strap wrestle fetishes

YOU do a lot more
Didnt expect u to be so good.
1st. Gal seen I wanted to say, kiss, wow and I think look like crap.)
Point is. Let's. Play it by ear, my schedule seems. Opposite a. Lot of people. Is what I am saying, SEEING
BUT DO HAVE BACK UP. PLAN . I AM SAYING BUT. If I am stuck waiting ,, for the. Ceu. /3 day class like last wk


NOW,,,     IMPORTANT.     LOVED LAST WK. DONT GET ME WRONG ,   BUT WOULD LIKE DO CLASS MOVE ON,,   ************* I sawI  think was 3./4 People at my apartments, WAS ABLE TO DP. 1 OUTCALL, BE AWARE limited hrs, DO HAVE 3 roomates . I Pretend i am a mom, cook clean,, pretend do. Another. 4hr. 2 time wk job. (Say that, with sarcasm, because tru but, u know how we all,, I LIKE, so. Making a joke about fake, daughter place job etc.( I THINK ITS FUNNY )

Sooo. Al. I need now. Company. .over over seeusexy butts !!×&

ing pics taken July 9th . Or google me.

Info. I am told. Does help,, useful. Great. Yes and reason. Some come by
For exp me mast. Me with gal strap. Me. Saying hi showing u
Me,, my. body. Services , personality. What. I bring. , that I am fun, but honest.
What I am to,d you can tell from the info and videos. Now of course they like adult ones. Me girl guy toys massage. Just like when see u. ,, what can offer. or play by ear,, love the me girl , strap. Me guy and 20 min Billy Jay
July 9th
Lol. Ohhh did add fresh video pics to blog
Also. Have. Reviews several sites vids. Several sites,, info on several sites scial just about every way. Can look me up. Or every type info / medium. u might need
THANK U. )))))

954. 866 0724.
Right now. Brook park ll if all ok. Has 3 day ceu class. Next wk. Might do, let's. see how it goes ok
fri thru mon. Am. A hotel was requested,, plus. Roomates. wanted me out of. Place. This. wknd. But hi. )

Hi sexy butts.
 Sorry. Trying tell u this time  new # new location,  and my  click blog or Google toni Benz

 34ddd 25 36 

 Kinda do but of everything it is more. What u like that matters.  Start w small massage,  people. Take things to literal. Can be  more a rub or. Deep tissue on shoulder. full body can be 2 min or. 20  it is just more my way of hi how are u., I am toni , then sit stare 

 Eecort. Adult time.  Wordings. Anymore unsure what to day other then. Old fashioned,  I know what friend means and or start w massage and play by ear

 Experienced  many fetihses. sensual dominant  bring tons toys lingerie own sets. Sheets. Wash,,, etc. I want make sure.  We all set,,, safe. clean fun.  

So escort, body rub.  Mfetishea toys dom sensual touch tease freak to kinky side of me  

Who just  likes one thing or one move or one anything. sure go for. It.  , 2 3  times, ways  experience  different things

 Or I will say many just plain old love my sensual teachtouch play etc etc etc rub gei d side of me.  Some like kinky side 0f me  

And some just want some relief 

U get the idea right . ? WinkToni Benz

954 866 0724


Since only see 1 /2 day I kinda dont raise eyebrow, if I do I move.  And say wait.  Smame for if I feel great and can give u a good time

Regardless u took time  effort to come by,  so.  U deserve  good service.  Right,. ? Shouldn't be so difficult  sexy butts 

But feel free say hey ask me I am bluntly honest. , do say no i dont really do  . Or yep we will have lots of fun ,kinda thought everyone did like I'm,  so

I stay in my little bubble,, and sorry if I kinda sound. Weird or off,  I just see same people. same 4 cities   stay in. My lane,, ,win

954 866 0274 

Txt then call is best. But it why changed # so be on tablet.   Come in faster ,

Love u thank uuuuuuu

Hey sexy butts. Spent wknd w daughter. Ready for fun zone,,

954 866 0724

 Did change number. And .location and also updated blog for u,   il. Update here also, just wanted u have news  the # was.  I wanted people I know or want to see to have a different number for faster,,,,,,,,  yes also give me a day. Know whaT I need to fix Twitter & cell  

But still keep this # cause unsure whaT number they will give me  

***Toni benz, Italian /Russian, sensual dominant with a kinky

I am Petite toned 34DDD 26 36 53115# little firecracker of fun,, sensual
dominant with a kinky side
*I take care of myself by working out/ eating right, I like to have
a mild tan, ************
Have had laser hair removal , everywhere. so soft naturally, small land strip
all left of ANY hair on body**** I do not wear perfume,***, heavy make upglitter,etc,**** each morning , i gargle, mouth some peroxide.****I also file/oil my feet soft maintained high arch size 7 ***I get checked everymonth ,( yes even when i travel,)*********
*i love seeing people, i Hear i am a lot personailty . flexibly,.on
all fronts ....asking questions . Seeing me.. time stay what we do ...notonly..phsyically. ( legs behind head, like all poses) but in what i like.Variety of fun....
the girls ( 34DDD victorias secret
measured them)) .size 7 feet high arch. New balance told me. care for them..soft feet
. I bring all.we need
Lingerie. Nylons dress bodystocking skirts. Diff types bras topsteddies. bottoms .even 12 different types colors styles. nylons . Same. with.Toys. I say for u ..strap.prost..fings plug but aldo for me vibe .bullet. and
for us. If we desire. samr. with. Glide lotions .supplies i bring my ownlinens. 4 sets sheets...washclothes. .clean freak supplies. . Feel free to a .whole suitcase is just for us
Massage. Body rub .my glide. time

experienced in many fetihses.

Adult time.. friend. pse around world

Specific requests

All.incl do or. add toys for both of us !!
!. i am a touch contact tease play freak.. .really am.sensual. dominant with a freaky side.
goes for more then just hands. .just starts there no need to spell it out. Lets.. just say not lazy not a robot not a dull personality...Important
And if all else fails.... somehow we dont mesh....... As.a nurse i really do care. .. u have a good time. Pleases. me ..that you are pleased. . 

Looking for latenight cleveland westside airport area tonight

Get back to me as soon as you can.

"She who saves a single soul, saves the universe."

~Cheshire Cat

Coming for your "Emotional Rescue" and other stuff.💋

Pre-booking is highly recommended!

August Schedule:

Cleveland 8/7 - 8/13

Columbus 8/13 - 8/15

View my website for more info & photos!
513-602-7643 (text only)

P411: P123836
Twitter @Tiffanyteigen

* Two reputable references are required or P411 with recent okays! 

Emerging from my UTR status soon....