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A Fucking Professional. ;)

Smoking Hot Sweetheart available daily (with notice) in Pittsburgh to brighten your day!  Bloomfield location.  




Talk soon! 



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I'm bored... wink

I've been taking A LOT of time off lately so I could really use a good bum rub :)  I like to plan my bum rubs in advance so let me know when you can come over!  Same day is rarely an option, BUT if you have my number text anyway.  It doesn't hurt to ask ;)

Typically 11am - 7pm

Rates, contact form, and more can be found on my website.  Bloomfield location 15224




Talk soon!


#smokinghotsweetheart #paramour #companion


PS!  Ask for an invite to my personal space https://www.indys.ch/page/view-space-profile?id=23 where I will post naughty photos and videos!  To be accepted we must have met previously or otherwise interacted face to face. I may ask for a little hint or other info to verify that you are you!  Verified Providers welcome as well :) 

I’m all out of steak though, hope you don’t mind;) 


Just wanted to wish you you all a great day! 


HUGS and KISSES kiss



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 Dream girl can I please ask for your help - your beautiful and smart -  I only got to be on Indys for a year in a half -  and just got vouched in April -  and now where these changes there and there's no side I really don't know how to do or get nowhere and I really need it - and make things work -  could you possibly tell me or show me how I can get what you got like the diamond or silver and be able to do this -   I know your time is valuable and I really don't mean to take your time off but I could really use your help please you seem to be up on everything I know a lot of stuff thank you - business is booming  advet Steeler fan -  LOL I'm not even sure how to use hashtags I hope I'm not beyond help - 

You are most definitely "A F__king Professional" and will always be the #1 courtesan in the business. I just wish that I had thought to somehow save my Indys reviews of our soirees although I can still close my eyes and envision you and I together.

Is still on!  

I’ve almost got the details confirmed and will release the info soon.  

I think I’ll do a group chat or PM with all those who’ve requested invites so far.  

Still trying to figure that out because some wanted to be UTR .  Maybe I’ll send them a separate chat.  I’ll figure it out soon but I’m so excited it’s going to be Fun!



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Needs warmed up wink


I’m available with notice for bum rubs of course, but really I’m just posting to make a few channels with some hashtags. cool


#angel #bloomfield #eastend #escort ads #ads #afuckingprofessional 


Make some posts and don’t forget to use hashtags!!  This is one way people can find you! 


Clients!  Use the search function to search for hashtags!  Or by location! 


Talk soon! 





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