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A good fucking time!

..The type whose not happy until you're happy.

Sexy, young & fit lover of the arts.. lets see what we can make of it.  ;)

Get screened now & save time for when you only have enough time for me.

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Good morning gentlemen. I am taking apt all week!!
I am in the Squirrel Hill Area, minutes from the waterfront in a safe, cozy, neighborhood!

I am 22 years old, 5'4 tall &125lb. A cup and long brown hair with soft, smooth, toned skin!




 Screening required for new inquiries.

Hope to see you soon. wink


EDIT>>>>I just saw a post by a moderator

"Messenger Vs Conversations .

If you have info in messenger you would like to keep, please do so.

We are considering eliminating messenger altogether."

Please send me messages in the conversation (PM) system, NOT the messenger system.



If you haven’t seen this woman, you are missing out big time. She is very friendly, easy going, accommodating, and and absolutely gorgeous. 

Scheduleing and screening was a breeze and we had an outstanding time. 

Highly recomended, Serenity is a top notch provider. 

Located minutes away from Squirrel Hill in a safe, cozy neighborhood.

I am 22 with long brown hair, A Cup, 5'4 tall, & 125lb with all the right curves.




Screening required if we havent had the chance to meet yet.

Also feel free to follow me on Twitter, Serenity961

Hope to see you guys soon.

Reposted Indys's post.

Vouching information. 

Premium and above members can vouch and view vouches (this will change to premium plus membership in April. 


Simply click the thumbs up icon on a persons profile to supply a vouch. Click the number next to the thumbs up to view who has vouched. 

This is different than the old site because there is no color system associated. This is simply a quick reference for those you would vouch for or know in real life to be an asset to the community. 

On mobile you will have to click the three dots icon to view the vouch button. 


Near Squirrel Hill minutes away from Kennywood and fifteen minutes from downtown pittsburgh depending on traffic in a safe, cozy neighborhood.

I am 22 yr old, 5'4, 125lb, petite, long brown hair, Acup, with SOFT, smooth, TONED legs with a little bald spot above them. wink

  Oh & who doesn't love a girl with her nails done?




Screening Required

Get Screened now & save time for when you only have time for me. 

Light screening; Please be prepared to show ID with proof of occupation if you do not have references.  All information will be deleted after screening is complete. It's a priority of mine to keep your private information private, as I hope you'd do the same for mine.

Provide two ladies that are willing to vouch for you that you've seen within the last 12 months.

Hosting in the Squirrel Hill area just minutes away from the Waterfront in a beautiful house with no nosy neighbors! Also a safe and cozy neighborhood. 

Add me on IG @Serenity961

Fit, sexy, 22 year old excited to meet you. 😉 

I live in the Pittsburgh area  (Homestead) & have noticed there are several providers near my area.

If any providers would like to link up with me for food, drinks, shopping, comparing notes, get togethers, and maybe even discuss how we can possibly make this site easier for us all to navigate, hit a girl up!

I love making friends and think its about time for us women to join together and make it easier for us all!

I am not looking for drug addicts to be clear! I am looking for responsible, reliable ladies that want to continue in this line of work.

I am also not looking for a duo partner, though I am not oppose, I have just never had the opportunity I guess.

I truly would like for us women to be able to work together while helping each other out rather than making it so much harder than necessary for everyone.

I'm sure if we put enough minds together we could make something great of this.

I hope to hear from you hard working ladies.

A most satisfying encounter. Thank you Serenity.

22 years old, 5'4 tall, a cup, 125lb with long, gorgeous curly brown hair & SOFT, smooth, TONED skin!

I Live near Squirrel Hill, minutes away from Edgewood, and roughly fifteen minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh depending on traffic in a safe, cozy neighborhood.




Pm me to find out how to be screened please.

#gfe #pse #pittsburgh

Minutes away from Squirrel Hill, About ten minutes from Edgewdood & roughly fifteen minutes away from Downtown Pittsburgh!

22 Years old, 5'4, a cup, 125lb with long brown hair and curves in all the right places.

I am available up until  6pm throughout the weekend.  If we have met before I have no issues seeing you once the sun goes down. <3

For screening please pm me with proof of identification & occupation. Don't Fret!  All of This information will be deleted when my screening is complete.




Looking forward to playing with you gentlemen!

I live minutes away from Kennywood, ten minutes from Edgewood & roughly fifteen minutes from downtown Pittsburgh depending on traffic.

I am 5'4, 125 lb, a cup with soft, smooth, toned skin.







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