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Brown-eyed beauty; Girl next door; curves in all the right places, and sweet. 

I love to create time that feels truly genuine and ignites a spark of chemistry. I'm a little bit of a nerd and love sci-fi shows/movies and books. Champagne is my reason to be; and I enjoy traveling. The way to my heart is massage. Be a darling and read my info so we can start off on the right foot! I can't wait to steal of peice of your adoration, but only if you let me :) 

You are compensating me for my companionship only. No explicit messages, texts or photos will be tolerated and there is a one strike policy. Please understand the difference between 'explicit messages' and asking questions about fantasies in a polite way.
Screening or references mandatory.

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So does the block function on here actually work? Because I keep getting friend requests from people I have blocked. 

My regular duo partner is moving to Miami FL, anyone looking to work with someone?

Am I correct in assuming that the old color coding system of the site will not apply here? If so, do the gentlemen understand that they will need to start keeping track of their references (if they haven't been) and possibly comply with screening they might have gotten away with not doing on the other site? 


If I am wrong, will there be a post at some point about whatever the equivalent of 'vouching' here would be?

Odette Vanderhoof


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