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You felt appreciated& pampered to rather than tolerated!
When you left,                                            

you felt like you’d known her forever!
Three days later,
Six months later,
Two years later,
You’ll still be thinking about her!
Will anyone come close?
Of course not, many will be damn good, but no one will do it quite like her! Her skills/looks
It’s hard to explain but you and her know the feeling!
Yes! It’s quite exciting, the thoughts you can’t help but have.
But don’t worry it’s real! a dream not quite a dream

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in this week 

let’s meet 😘


Have we met yet?!

I think it’s about time 

📍Cincinnati/Nky based

check my profile to see when I’ll be near you 

see you soon 😘

#chicago #fortworth 

#petite #ebony #young #milf #sweet #ass #legs 


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Vouching information. 

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Simply click the thumbs up icon on a persons profile to supply a vouch. Click the number next to the thumbs up to view who has vouched. 

This is different than the old site because there is no color system associated. This is simply a quick reference for those you would vouch for or know in real life to be an asset to the community. 

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2019 Tour list 

find your city then contact me! 

If you don’t see it request it

see you soon😘😘

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Who’s going to treat you better than the Princess?! Hmmmm I’ll  wait 🤔🤔🤔🤔

I’m told I have the perfect set of lips to kiss 😘 💋 

trip is fully booked this weekend and I’m already looking forward to my next trip back!!!   def know how to show a dolly some 💖



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Come wish me happy birthday

5’2” 108lb 30A 22w 34h 5’8” with heels 

All around tiny I make the perfect bite sized treat! 

Hello there, my name is Thalia, many know me as Princess others by a simple Gorgeous! Flirty, outgoing, and intellectual you can find me reserved for the men craving the finest of the dark chocolate. I was hoping a fine would so kindly take me out for my birthday?! I promise to behave my self at dinner maybe not so much on the way to privacy! 

3/8 only 

3/15-3/17 (birthday)


see you soon 😘



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