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I’ve always been the other woman, in the periphery of reality. I am yours in passing, wearing a reminiscent smile, and a craving for the unconventional. I am the brunette stranger whose eye contact you hold, and later plays in your imagination…

… which brings us here. Its no coincidence that you have found me. Aside from a statuesque, 5’9” stature, long legs, and classic looks, you will find that I possess a dynamic existence with a zest for excitement and sensuality, as well as a down to earth cheekiness.

Never content with the ordinary and mundane, I made my debut as a luxury date and travel companion as a means of self exploration. Entering this world has allowed me a wonderful fluidity between the conventional and demimonde.

I extend my beauty, intellect  and my engaging and vivacious personality to entertain with an intuitive ease, and relish being in tune with the inclinations and desires of another. An elegant, cultivated young woman, adorned with striking dark eyes, and pillowy lips that lead to a smile as warm as my gaze, I hope to leave you with a smile long after our hellos and goodbyes…

I enjoy an eclectic lifestyle with passions in several entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as time with those I love. I am predominately based in Pittsburgh, as a student, or dreaming of my next excursion. I adore the luxuries that this life has to offer and as such, I prefer to keep my circle small, and revel in the exploration of the truly sincere, discerning soul.




Website: evalamouroux.com

Email: contactelamouroux@protonmail.ch

Location: Based in Pittsburgh, Pa, I host in Downtown Pittsburgh and Strip District. Additionally, I offer outcalls, providing transportation is covered. 



1 Hour: $500

1.5 Hour: $650

2 Hours: $750

3 Hours: $900

4 Hours: $1050

6 Hours: $1200*

12 Hours: $2500*

24 Hours: $3000*

48 Hours: $5000*

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Hello Friends! 

Should you want to know more about me, feel free to peruse my website: evalamouroux.com to get to know me and to gain a better idea of my offerings! 

I can be reached at contactelamouroux.ch (the fastest and most efficient way to get in touch, as I check it most often.) or via messages here. 





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