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Spaces are not for posting ads of any sort.

Spaces are simply a place to talk about whatever that space is dedicated to, localized discussions that can be followed or unfollowed to show on your feed or not.

If you want to place ads, use the hashtags #ads etc. Click channels at the top of every page to see some popular ones. Just write an update right in your own profile, and the use of hashtags will distribute it across the site to everyone following that hashtag.

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DO NOT POST ADS OR PHOTOS TO THIS SPACE.  Some of you have been given multiple warnings.  Accounts WILL be deleted if this continues to be an issue. 

Good morning Pittsburgh Space, I am going to be taking a mental health day the week of May 13 or 20. I am wondering if a lovely lady would like to connect for an hour or so during either of these weeks. Let me know. Enjoy this beautiful day.

DO guys that complain about not getting replies ever consider it’s because of your approach?  I know myself and lots of others who simply won’t reply to messages with zero introduction or common courtesies.  For example. “You available?” With nothing else is not going to get a reply. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Same old refreshed ad from the previous post .. Nothing new... Recycled ads and no responses.. Don't try and sell us this is new ans improved.. Don't post and not look at your messages.. Common sense... 

Im available now in the Pittsburgh area call me or text me @412-908-0742💦  

Come see me I’m the black girl fantasy you’ve always wanted 👸🏽!!!412-908-0742❤️

Hey there it’s Ciara I’ll be in the downtown Pittsburgh area till 8 tonight come see me for a sexy sensational totally nude mutual touch massage ❤️ You can text me @412-908-0742 !!!

Soooo just to let everyone know, anyone who has the ability to vouch can vouch themselves. If you can't see who actually gave them a vouch still request refrences. Just saw a male members profile where he gave himself a vouch😒 

I'm also assuming males can vouch males and vice versa. Not like the old site where it was only the opposite sex who could give you a vouch.

miss the

Hmm.. Don't know about this new site setup. Was on old indys for over 10 years. There's hardly anyone that came over to this one. Anyway, anyone available in the greentree area today? 

Congrats to Indys Pittsburgh!  Just got the 1000th member.

Please delete my account immediately.  Thanks