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A space where gym goers of all sorts can chat about gym related things. 


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Great recipe! Success. :)

When it comes to protein i would suggest the Gold standard. Used it for years with great results.

Anyone use supplements? 

If so, what are your go to brands? 

Personally,  I use BPN. The Cinnamon roll protein powder is so good. 

What Stefi said is right on. 👌🏻🙌🏼

Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence 

This girl is just a mad powerhouse. Breaking records and all of that good stuff. Check her out on Instagram! She’s right up there will Stefi in terms of power. Yeah I get they are from two different weight classes but they both pack a punch. :) 

What gym do yinz belong to? I've got a black card membership at Planet Fitness. I like the ability to hit different branches depending on where I am.