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Spaces are not for posting ads of any sort.

Spaces are simply a place to talk about whatever that space is dedicated to, localized discussions that can be followed or unfollowed to show on your feed or not.

If you want to place ads, use the hashtags #ads etc. Click channels at the top of every page to see some popular ones. Just write an update right in your own profile, and the use of hashtags will distribute it across the site to everyone following that hashtag.

If you have twitter, want people to follow you, or just want to talk about twitter and how it relates to you, join and post below!

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Follow me on twitter @KellieSinz

Awwwwww Yeah! Just learning but I'm learning! Send me a request @ MayvenRaye

Hey everyone check out my twitter page @MsChanelleBby and get to know more about me 💋

Follow me @PLanealpha

Hi Everyone! I am just getting going on Twitter so please send me friend requests! @MyAmberAustin Much love to the men and women of Indys! :-)💋💋


I love Twitter :) I'm @SexxxyLexxxyRed and my backup account is @LexyMetzger 

I 💖 Twitter! 
Follow ME @NLuv92 

Check out my Twitter or Switter @MsChanelleBby 💋