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Visiting Cincinnati this Tuesday ūüėćūüėė

What are something good places to eat with vegetarian options? I take pleasure in meeting new people and exploring new things


Hola Cincy!

What's the scene look like during March?? I might make a pit stop do meet some of you if y'all are interested¬†ūüėė

Also I see a restaurant listed...any other favorite flavors I should taste during this quick stop?

Send me a message or visit website; 

Zula Bistro in Over the Rhine!

What are some of your favorite Cincy restaurants? 

Happy bday to me ūüėě

Guessing we all lost our status and vouches?

Where the hell is the email/ private message link?

Hello!   is  glad to be back in !  Here is my

I am available in until Feb. 20.

Desperately needing some tender-loving care on my poor, bruised little booty (EPIC snowboarding crash) for the next few days.

As always, verification needed.  You can also message me on - I am member P90728 and listed under

Interesting in hanging out?  Expedite the process by sending me your info to

Check out my website at for more pictures and videos!












PrincessThalia  I don't see your name on the Cincinnati membership list. Thought I'd give you a little nudge in case you hadn't seen it.  :)

Plus, I wanted to see how tagging people works.

Yay!  Thanks Admins for fixing the spelling of the 'nati.

Had a great time yesterday with Maria Monroe while she was in town.  Hopefully she comes back again soon.  Highly recommended if you have the opportunity.

Come on Cincinnati ladies, let us know you're here and visiting ladies let us know when you're coming our way!!!