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I'd love to organize a trip to Cincinnati during a weekend in the very near future! If you'd be interested in meeting me there, reach out. Let's make this happen!♡

Lita Leveque 

What are some good smaller restaurants in cincy/nky area that maybe ducked off or not noticed? 

I want to try something new

I am not sure the new site is working for me.  I cant get much information and I don't see much activity.   Maybe too drastic a change?  


What are some of your fave places to travel to in and out of US? 

So if I understand how all this works ladies will post letting others know when and where they may be hosting.  That will tag their post with a hashtag or more.   such as ""    I am supposed to know they have done so and look for specific hashtags to see if someone has posted recently.  Or I can try to "friend" all the ladies I might wan to meet and then wait for them to reach out to me. Close?   


Visiting Cincinnati this Tuesday 😍😘

What are something good places to eat with vegetarian options? I take pleasure in meeting new people and exploring new things


Hola Cincy!

What's the scene look like during March?? I might make a pit stop do meet some of you if y'all are interested 😘

Also I see a restaurant listed...any other favorite flavors I should taste during this quick stop?

Send me a message or visit website; 

Zula Bistro in Over the Rhine!

What are some of your favorite Cincy restaurants? 

Happy bday to me 😞

Guessing we all lost our status and vouches?

Where the hell is the email/ private message link?