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Spaces are simply a place to talk about whatever that space is dedicated to, localized discussions that can be followed or unfollowed to show on your feed or not.

If you want to place ads, use the hashtags #ads etc. Click channels at the top of every page to see some popular ones. Just write an update right in your own profile, and the use of hashtags will distribute it across the site to everyone following that hashtag.

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Any ladies available this Saturday (tomorrow)? Please send me a message.

Can anyone explain the search function to me? I search for Charlotte, NC and the search comes up empty. I search Pittsburgh or Cleveland and only a few show up...

Hello to all (:


How's the weather in your city? Orlando, FL is gloomy. You never know what you're going to get with florida ! lol

SPACES -- Unclear on the concept?

Rather, the 'spaces' concept itself is un-intuitive.  Administrator notes abound:  Do not post ads to spaces. 

Yet that seems the 'natural' thing to do.  And that is what happens.

Doing what comes naturally -- that's why we are here!  LOL.

Regards, Boppingalong

Good morning Cleveland Space, I am going to be taking a mental health day the week of May 13 or 20. I am wondering if a lovely lady would like to connect for an hour or so during either of these weeks. Let me know. Enjoy this beautiful day.

What are some of your favorite Cleveland restaurants? 

Not sure if this is the correct area for posting. If not please directing me properly.

I am flying into cleveland February 16 for work. I was looking for a female companion that would like to get together for a cocktail or two if you so choose. I would like out call serv. I hope to hear from you. Thank you

Hey guys! I am leaving for Cleveland now! I will be there until Friday at noon. Staying in independence. 3305527797 200hhr 300hr. Let’s play!