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All things motorcycle related

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In case anybody still reads this board, I want to recommend both  Mods Rockers bike show that was this past Saturday and the "Café Racer" magazine bike show that was at the Sewickley War Memorial today (Sunday).   Both were great shows with great bikes and cool people.  Even a ho that is not really into bikes would have had a good time for three hours or so.  Too bad none of those gals is still around.

Put these two events on your radar for next year.  You won't regret it.

OH  ...    on September 21 in Homestead Pittsburgh Moto is hosting a national bike show.   lots of builders signed up from around the country.  Check it out on the Pittsburgh Moto web site.

I haven't been around for almost 2 years. Hopefully everyone has been getting some good riding in. Roar on the Shore sucked this year. I hope they change it back to downtown. I picked up a Dyna to have fun on when I am not riding the Streetglide. Maybe a Saturday when the SOis working I can meet up with some of you to ride. Stay safe.


Sunday the 14th looks like a very good riding day.  Post up if you are interested in putting a ride together.

Would anyone care to go riding?

Harley Vrod here...  : )

Bring on that sunshine Cleveland!!!

I'm going riding tomorrow all day and I need that sun in my eyes

And the wind in my hair!!!!

xoxo ~ ... Addy

Anyone heading over to the Pittsburgh Moto bike show at the Bull Pen Inn tomorrow?

"Akron Strip Club Ride."   Akron is full of strip clubs. They range from the good, the ok and the tragic. From Cheerleaders type places to a lot of small clubs which remind you of a neighborhood bar but with nekked girls. We've found this place (Akron) to be a lot of fun and laughs. The ride will leave from the Cranberry area Saturday am June 22nd. Most of this ride will be on 2 lane highways through the country. It's a very pleasant ride. Most clubs open up at noon. The hotel of choice is The Hilton Garden Inn. It's within a very short distance of a lot of clubs. I suggest booking a room early and not last minute. Saturday evening we will head over to Portage Lakes for dinner. There's a beautiful restaurant called "Picks" right on the water and it's gorgeous there. This is a fun short getaway and a nice ride. Several folks are already on board for this trip. It's gonna be epic lol 



If you want to test ride an Indian their demo truck is at the Warrendale dealer the next 3 days.

Their facebook page says 10 am to dusk Thurs. & Fri. and 10 am to 3 pm Saturday.

Ahhh. Can’t wait to get out on the road! Love being apart of a local HOGS chapter. We are riding to Titusville in June for an overnight trip. So exited!

Ohio Bike Week in Sandusky Ohio starts this weekend and lasts through next weekend. Anyone who's interested in attending?

Another washout weekend 😳🔫