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Next Saturday April 27th. Providing the weather is good. Ride will most likely leave from either Monroeville or Cranberry depending upon which way the weather looks best.  No destination and it's an over niter. Those not wishing to stay over etc can turn around where ever and when ever. As always we'll try and get a nice hotel and find the best food in whatever town we end up in. The ride will undoubtedly include a number of bar stops and strip clubs come Saturday night. Home early afternoon Sunday. 

Just picked up the new Shadow today! RIDING THE MOUNTAINS of western MC is wonderful. 69 here today.

This coming weekend - April 6 and April 7 - is predicted to have two warm days without rain.  Saturday up to 68 partly sunny, Sunday up to mid-70's. mostly cloudy.  This sounds like a good opportunity.

Who wants to meet at Panera Bread in Monroeville at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, and ride to Deep Creek via Rt. 30 for lunch?  Or would Sunday be better?


Would love to ride when it warms up😍😍😍

I did a 100 mile ride today.  It was a little chilly this morning but a nice ride.  The roads are pretty clean and the potholes are way better than they were last spring.  Tomorrow should be a great day to ride.  Enjoy!

I'm down to ride tomorrow!

Just let me know where and when.


CZ, hoping I will be free to ride on Sunday, keep me posted.


This coming Sunday, March 24, it is supposed to be more than 60 degrees, and DRY.  Anybody want to get out there and ride?  Let me know and I will set something up.


Do you understand why I consider mid April- May 1 the start of riding season? In addition to it being grey, ugly and dead's snowing!

There's something about riding when it's start to green up and you dont need 3 layers of clothes. But everyone is anxious. It's coming....does every year but we still have a little wait. 

Get those scooters prepped and ready so your not dicking around with a dead battery and a bald rear tire come May 1 !!

CZ, have not really figured this out either since I have never been on Facebook and very new to the 'social media' sites. I think you just replied with a post to the Open Road Forum.  But that is a guess on my part.

Jake22, sounds good to me.  👍



Well, I've been trying to figure out how to post in response to some of the "threads" here in open road, but it's beyond me.  Can anyone help me out?  Once I hit "follow," nothing happens.

Who's interested in meeting for breakfast and then a ride.  I'm thinking somewhere in Monroeville on April 13.