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I will be hosting in   this week Thursday...

Come see me before the Holidays  :-)






Where are all the sexy girls in the Columbus area??? I typically only see ads by Guilianna. There has to be some local hotties here!


Cbus, let's grab lunch


Italia will be visiting April 14-17

Jemma Jade from Cincinnati, OH visiting Columbus, OH Monday afternoon/evening (April 8th) to Wednesday (April 10th).  Please contact me as soon as possible if you want to schedule an appointment with me!

Text - 513/504/5950

Email -

Gawd, I have ate the new site.  

Found this thread by accident.

How do I join the Columbus and Ohio forums?

People used to say that the old Indys was hard to navigate, but getting through this site is like building a car from spare parts, if you don't know how to do it already you can't find an instruction manual.

Noon-4pm by appt or same day. HH available. DM to conversate.

I am so confused... I must be lost in the new technology


in  4/2 for 1 night only 


🥰 highly recommended 

if you seek

Heres your chance don’t miss it!! 

See you soon 




Hey guys not having an easy time figuring out how to post an ad here 


Anyway I'm available in Columbus 

Just text me 6142906386


Kisses jenna

This is going to take me a while to do the "Oil Change" on my mind.  Was so use to the old Indys and searching for connections the old way.  Also seems like Dayton is lost in space.... so to speak!!


Be Safe All...  Hawk

Hello Columbus it's been a lifetime lol. I hope all my old friends are well and I really hope to see a few familiar faces soon.

What are some of your favorite Columbus restaurants?