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This site is a big change from the old one, this is clear. It will take some getting used to for some people, and others will take to it easily.

We will break down some of the basics with simple to follow videos and explanations to help get you on your way.

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I have a question about data limitations in the different levels.  Forgive my ignorance but does that count toward messages and pictures or just pictures?  

I recently ran into an issue where i can’t reply to pms and was wondering if it was because i hit the data limit.  

Can u please explain how that works!

Thank u

How can I make my profile look like it is always offline??

Since it appears the old site is gone for good now, I'm trying to figure this out... A couple questions about spaces:

1. When I click on "Spaces", I can see lists of "featured spaces", "new spaces", and "top spaces". Do those lists show ALL the spaces that exist? If not, how do I get that list?

2. Is there any space analogous to the Coed Vouched discussion forum?

3. Do I have to join a space to read or post in it? If not, what's the advantage of joining a space?

Test 2/6/19

Can some please fix the spelling of the Cincinnati on the title of the Cincinnati Space?  We only have one T down yonder in the 'nati. 

How do I send a private message?  

Social-media-illiterate here....

I have followed or joined certain spaces - how do I see which ones I joined, and how do I get to the ones I joined?

If, for instance, I wanted to see if anything was posted in the 'Verified F Space" - how would I do that quickly and easily?

How do we filter posts to specific state or town?

Are there any plans to have a person’s base city /location on the INFO page for person’s account ?

Just as you have male or female,etc

(it would be helpful whether client or provider)

Ease of information instead of having to read through details hoping bio mentions location. 

Thank you xo


How do we read and see reviews ? And what happened to my blue square status ? 

So is there no longer a vouching system? Or have I just not figured it out yet? Thanks!!


Could you please post instructions to the following basic activities?

1. Ads - Where are the Ads for a particular city? 

2. Reviews - How to find out what others have to say about a provider? 

3. Vouch - What is the new system?