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Spaces are not for posting ads of any sort.

Spaces are simply a place to talk about whatever that space is dedicated to, localized discussions that can be followed or unfollowed to show on your feed or not.

If you want to place ads, use the hashtags #ads etc. Click channels at the top of every page to see some popular ones. Just write an update right in your own profile, and the use of hashtags will distribute it across the site to everyone following that hashtag.

This site is a big change from the old one, this is clear. It will take some getting used to for some people, and others will take to it easily.

We will break down some of the basics with simple to follow videos and explanations to help get you on your way.

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What are the dimensions for cover photo and profile photo? Thanks!

how do i post to ads?

How do I delete a photo 

Is anyone else noticing heavy mobile data usage on this site?  

Are there going to be any membetship levels added that are more geared toward hobbiests? We don't need the high data limits, featured status, video capability, photo capability, etc. There are a few features beyond standard that would be helpful, but much of the offerings at the higher levels are of no use to us. It would be cool to see another level or 2 aimed at hobbiests.

When we get a friend request, we are shown how many mutual friends we have.  How do we see who the mutual friends are before we accept the request?


Why do I keep getting a website not secure message? Is this site not secure?

I thought anyone who uploaded their birthday, gender and  pictures got a free upgrade to premium membership when they kicked in??  I didnt recieve mine and I made sure to  comply with the requirements. Whats up Indys??? 😠

Is there no space for “The Gym” anymore? I don’t see it anywhere.

Just recently moved to Bartow Florida from Pennsylvania and I am used to the old site that I was on for over 10 years so I'm looking for any help from anyone that can steer me in the right direction to be able to find some female companionship on my area

I need to be able to block the idiots who don’t understand that if I don’t know them, I won’t friend them. 

How can I block someone?

I don’t see anywhere to do that.

If I get a friend request from somebody who has set their profile to private, how do I know whether or not I want to accept or decline if I cannot see their profile?  Is there a way for the admins to turn on the ability to see a profile of a person who sends a friend request?