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Spaces are not for posting ads of any sort.

Spaces are simply a place to talk about whatever that space is dedicated to, localized discussions that can be followed or unfollowed to show on your feed or not.

If you want to place ads, use the hashtags #ads etc. Click channels at the top of every page to see some popular ones. Just write an update right in your own profile, and the use of hashtags will distribute it across the site to everyone following that hashtag.

This site is a big change from the old one, this is clear. It will take some getting used to for some people, and others will take to it easily.

We will break down some of the basics with simple to follow videos and explanations to help get you on your way.

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Site Instructions
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Please help. I should be in featured people and am not. I upgraded to the monthly payment and it cleared. I wrote using the contact form but have not heard back yet. The upgrade was ordered on 8-13 and posted on 8-15. I am here on tour and would love to see my ad featured. Thank you. Amber Austin

Please delete my account, thank you.

ok i like this so far,However where is the REVIEW section?

How do I post to available now or PGH or ads?

I can not figure out how to vouch or give a provider a thumbs up on her profile.  I have been told there should be a thumbs up icon by her name or in a rectangle box with 3 dots, but all I can find is an icon on individual posts by the provider.  Help, I want to be able to be a good client and give vouches when appropriate. Thanks

Please delete my account. Thank you

I dont even remember my old name only that it was naughty Charlie I'm sure its gone

I used this site 7yrs ago and I'm now single again and looking for fun how do I use this site now it is definitely different 

I looked but cannot find an option for deleting messages that I no longer need from Messenger.  Is there an option to delete?  Thank you.

How do I upgrade?

My Friends no longer show up on my profile.  Any idea how to resolve that?  

Is Indy's accepting Bitcoin? I emailed support about this earlier this week and did not get a response yet. I really do not want to pay for upgrades with my CC.